Sale of Livestock

All efforts shall be made to determine a local area market price. Packers and livestock dealers should be contacted for pricing and to establish a local area market price. Individuals that may, or, have expressed interest shall be contacted to request bids. The highest price offered (packer or individual), weighing in potential expenses related to delivery and research data collection needs, should be determined in making the final award.


*Most transactions, where the sale amount is one thousand dollars ($1,000) or more, shall require payment in the form of a certified/cashiers check or money order. If a prior business relationship has bee

Departmental Transfer

Departments may transfer excess/surplus property directly to other departments within the University. Departments may also establish an asking price for these items or accept offers from interested departments. The Inventory Department requires notification or involvement in all transfers or sales to University Departments. Please fill out the Interdepartmental Transfer Form and forward to Inventory.

Loan of Personal Property to Another Institution

Request for Loan Form

Personal property includes all materials, supplies, furniture, equipment, printing, stationery, automotive and road equipment and all other chattels, goods, wares and merchandise whatsoever, regardless of cost. Title and ownership to all property purchased with the University’s funds or otherwise acquired shall vest in the University, except for property purchased in accordance with specially donated or restricted funds providing for other ownership.

Classroom Maintenance

General Purpose Classroom Maintenance

Classrooms scheduled by the Office of the University Registrar are considered as general purpose classrooms. Inventory provides limited resources to maintain these classrooms. Resources are limited to replacement of tablet arm chairs, tables, chairs, lecterns, and portable chalkboards. If additional chairs or tables are needed at the start of a semester, departments should contact Moving Services.

Moving Services


Moving Services is available for moving of furniture, boxes and other miscellaneous items as needed on both campuses. The rate for this service is $35.00 per hour/person. Moving Services will provide an estimate of cost when requested. When requesting a move, please send a requisition via email to Please contact the Facilities Service Desk at 402.472.1550 for any additional information.


Q: I’m an employee, when can I buy surplus property for personal use?A: University employees and the general public can only purchase surplus property at the public auctions, scheduled every 3-4 months.  Notification of the sale will appear in the Lincoln Journal-Star prior to the sale. Please visit our website at to subscribe to our auction e-mail list.  We will e-mail you a sale bill for upcoming auctions.