All excess/surplus property must be offered to University Departments prior to public offering.  Items cannot be sold to the public for less than the asking price previously offered to departments.  Individuals may only purchase University excess/surplus property in a publicly competitive environment.

Departments may choose to turn excess/surplus property into the Inventory Department for potential use by other University Departments as above. If items are not recycled, they will be placed on the next available Inventory Department Public Auction. Proceeds received from these auctions are not credited to the previous custodial department's cost object.

The department may request public sale, via a public formal bid solicitation. This method allows the department to provide a list of potential bidders, if known, for the item. In most instances, an ad is placed in local papers informing the public of the availability and potential sale of the item(s). The Inventory Department creates a public bid document for disbursal to interested and identified parties. Bids are received over a fifteen-day period with the highest responsive bidder being awarded the purchase. All related expenses incurred by the Inventory Department are deducted from the sale proceeds with the remaining balance transferred to the previous custodial department's designated cost object.

Once offered for sale to UNL departments, departments wanting to retain sale proceeds from surplus property may also elect to offer the property for sale to the public on, through the Inventory Department. The offering department will receive the proceeds from any sale, less fees charged. For specifics, please contact the Inventory Department.