Pickup and Delivery

Requirements for Computers

Computers will not be accepted or returned to the Inventory Department without a signature, from the returning department, certifying that the hard drives have been either erased or reformatted. A signature box has been placed on the Request for Pickup - Surplus/Excess Property form. This certification is being implemented to reduce potential liability issues involving transfer of software and access to confidential data.

Surplus Property Pickup

Need to fill out Request for Pickup - Surplus/Excess Property form.

There are directions on who to send the form to after you have filled it out (Moving Services). There IS NOT a charge for picking up surplus property and delivering to the warehouse on City Campus.

Surplus Property Delivery

A moving crew is available to perform most of the moving services for the University. This service is obtained by submitting a requisition to Moving Services. The requisition should be processed as far in advance as possible to allow Moving Services to establish a work schedule.