Q: I’m an employee, when can I buy surplus property for personal use?

A: University employees and the general public can only purchase surplus property at the public auctions, scheduled every 3-4 months.  Notification of the sale will appear in the Lincoln Journal-Star prior to the sale. Please visit our website at inventory.unl.edu to subscribe to our auction e-mail list.  We will e-mail you a sale bill for upcoming auctions.  

Q: Who do I contact about temporary storage?

A: The University does not have a designated location for departmental storage needs. Temporary storage should be taken into consideration when new furniture/equipment is requisitioned. There must be a place for new furniture/equipment to be delivered. It may become necessary to rent storage space. This is a departmental responsibility. New furniture/equipment shipments should be coordinated closely with the buyer from Procurement Services. Temporary storage procedures also apply to campus remodeling projects. If temporary storage service is needed, the anticipated storage cost should be included in the project costs along with funds to move the items from storage to the installation site.

Q: I am wanting to know if you have a specific item in your surplus warehouse?

A: The inventory at the surplus warehouse changes weekly.  Visit our weekly open house to view items which are available on a first come, first serve basis.  If you cannot attend the open house, please contact Tony Lloyd (402-472-4942) to inquire about current inventory.

Q: I have a variety of office supplies that we no longer need.  Is this something Inventory wants for surplus?

A: Yes, please send any of your surplus office supplies to Inventory as there are departments on campus who may use them.  Please fill out the Request for Pickup form located on the Surplus Property Pickup page and pick up will be arranged.

Q: I have a piece of equipment that no longer works.  Does this go to Inventory?

A: Yes, the Inventory Department will dispose of any broken or inoperable items.  Please do not place these items in your department’s trash. Please fill out the Request for Pickup form located on the Surplus Property Pickup page and pick up will be arranged.

Q: When is the next vehicle auction?

A: Please visit the Transportation Services website for more information and questions.

Q: What is considered an asset?

A: An asset is defined as long-term, tangible, property owned by the University that cannot be easily converted to cash and will be held for a long period. For most departments, this translates to moveable equipment. The University of Nebraska capitalization policy states that all moveable equipment purchased with a unit cost of $5,000 or more that has a useful life of more than one year is an asset and must be tagged/capitalized. Buildings, land and land improvements are also assets that are capitalized but not tagged.

Q: What is fabricated equipment?  Are there any additional steps I need to take when ordering/creating fabricated equipment?

A: Fabricated equipment is defined as scientific or other complex equipment comprised of a number of individual components that are fabricated/built into a single functional unit.  Fabricated equipment is capitalized as a single asset for a combined total cost in excess of $5,000 and a useful life greater than one year. Typically these components would be purchased with separate transactions and may be from multiple vendors.  All components must function as a singular unit and will be collectively disposed of at the end of the useful life of the equipment.  Individual components cannot be used independently of the remaining pieces of fabricated equipment and cannot function separately apart from the fabricated unit to which it is attached. Accounting must be contacted before the initial purchase is made.  Please visit; http://accounting.unl.edu/fin-acct-reporting/fabricated-equipment for the fabricated equipment procedures.